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Service Description: Cities engaged in European and global adaptation initiatives . Many cities in Europe are engaged in European and global initiatives related to climate change adaptation. It can be assumed that cities involved in one or more of these initiatives are more aware of the issues of climate change adaptation, which leads to a greater chance of longer term commitment and action. Moreover, events and information platforms associated with the initiatives facilitate the exchange of knowledge through sharing of examples and lessons learnt. By June 2017, over 900 local authorities in the European region have signed up on adaptation to The Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy (including the signatories to Mayors Adapt prior to the merger with Covenant of Mayors). To find out detailed information about individual signatories, go to the Covenant of Mayors for Climate and Energy interactive map>. Other initiatives are relevant to adaptation too and add many more municipalities to the map. Such initiatives are C40 (global), Making Cities Resilient (UNISDR), the European Green Capital and the Green Leaf Award, and 100 Resilient Cities (Rockefeller Foundation). The distribution of cities shown on this map is not equal across Europe for different reasons, such as culture, national and regional support, or levels of awareness. However, there are actually many more municipalities that act on climate change adaptation, which just have not joined any of these initiatives.

Map Name: Cities’ participation in adaptation related international initiatives 2017


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