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ClimateAdapt/espon_potential_economic_impact (MapServer)

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Service Description: Combined potential impacts of change in inundation depths of a 100 year river flood and a sea level rise adjusted 100 year coastal storm event as well as changes in flash flood potential and summer heat on population. Impact calculated as combination of regional exposure to climatic changes and recent data on regional sensitivity. Climatic changes derived from a comparison of 1961-1990 and 2071-2100 climate projections by the CCLM model for the IPCC SRES A1B scenario. Fluvial inundation depths changes based on LISFLOOD projections. Regional coastal storm surge heights projected by DIVA model were adjusted with 1 m sea level rise. Data source:

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Copyright Text: European Environment Agency, Eurogeographics

Spatial Reference: 4326  (4326)

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