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ClimateAdapt/hydroelec_dams_rb_2025 (MapServer)

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Service Description: Vulnerability of the hydropower sector, reservoir hydropower stations approach for 2025. Reservoir stations are located below reservoirs and depend on the volume and on the difference in height between the source and the water's outflow. Changes in quantity and timing of river runoff, together with increased reservoir evaporation will have a number of effects on the production of hydroelectric power. As we have no information on dams and reservoirs, we analysed the impact of climate change on seasonal water availability on a river basin level, i.e. for winter (DJF) and summer (JJA) months. Especially the winter water storage is seen to be important. There are 5 classes to describe the risk of losses in power production: 1. high risk: winter availability and summer availability decrease (>5%) 2. medium risk: winter availability decreases and summer availability increases 3. low risk: winter availability increases and summer availability decreases 4. very low: winter availability and summer availability increase 5. ambiguous: no or small changes (+/- 5%)

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