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ClimateAdapt/wei_rb_ecf_2025_jja (MapServer)

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Service Description: Water stress indicator WEI for summer (June, July, and August) on river basin level for 2025, SCENES scenario Economy First (EcF). A water stress indicator is defined as the total withdrawal of freshwater resources in relation to the long-term average availability of the freshwater water resources within a river (sub)basin. One of the most important indicators for water scarcity or water stress is the water exploitation index (WEI) or water stress indicator (w.t.a.), which is defined as the total water withdrawals-to-water availability ratio within a river basin. Water scarcity can be the result of intensive water use, low water availability (climate driven) or a combination of these pressures. The indicator provides to policy makers a quick overview of areas that may encounter water shortage problems. WEI or a w.t.a.-value between 0.0 and 0.2 is considered a low water stress, WEI between 0.2 and 0.4 medium water stress, and a value greater than 0.4 severe water stress. Data source:

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Copyright Text: European Environment Agency

Spatial Reference: 4326  (4326)

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