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Urban_Vulnerability/Imperviousness_degree_changes_2006_2012_inside_UMZ_core_city (MapServer)

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Maps shows the net degree of sealed surfaces changes inside the urban morphological zones (UMZ) inside the core city (cc) between the years 2006 &2012 in percent. Degree of sealed surfaces: can be most easily calculated via the Normalized Difference Vegetation Index (NDVI) from satellite images. In the frame of GMES (Copernicus) precursor activities, the high-resolution soil sealing layer for the whole of Europe for the year 2006 (based on the same satellite pictures as used for CORINE land cover data) and the ‘imperviousness 2009’ data were produced under the FP7 Geoland2 project. Both status layers as well as the change layer are now distributed by the EEA and are available for download via the Copernicus Land Monitoring Services portal. The UMZ as a reference unit for city morphology (as the best approximation of the ‘real’ city form, which often does not correspond to the administrative delineation) is available from the EEA data service.

Map Name: Soil sealing changes


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