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Heatstress/Heatstress_in_chickens (MapServer)

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Service Description: The change in the annual number of days in Mediterranean countries where the maximum temperature exceeds 25 degrees Celcius, from the 1961-1990 baseline to the 2031-2060 projections, helping to give an indication of greater risk of heat stress in chickens. Temperatures above this threshold lead to a loss of appetite and lower egg production and, if higher, illness. This threshold for the climate vulnerabilities of chickens is taken from the ENSEMBLES project deliverable 6.8; ‘Preliminary report on changes in climate extremes and their relation to health, flood risk, agriculture, forest and property damage’. The plot was produced using regional daily data from the ENSEMBLES RT3 project (, using A1B runs of three different parameterisations from the perturbed physics experiment of the Met Office's HadRM3 model. The numbers of days that exceeded the threshold per year were calculated for each model run over 1961-1990, then averaged over the different model runs and over time to give a mean annual value. This was then subtracted from the results from the same analysis carried out over the 2031-2060 model output to get a difference value. Data source:

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Copyright Text: “The ENSEMBLES data used in this work was funded by the EU FP6 Integrated Project ENSEMBLES (Contract number 505539) whose support is gratefully acknowledged.”

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