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UrbanAdapt/River_Floods_UMZ_v2 (MapServer)

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Service Description: Mosaic of original data (Europe is cut in 9 windows). The resolution of the data is 100m, water levels are in meters. Note that these maps do not consider flood defenses. The coordinate reference system is ETRS LAEA. The files are gzipped and are in Arc/Info ascii grid format. Ctrl = 1961-1990; ts1 = 1980-2010; ts2 = 2011-2040, ts3 = 2041-2070, and ts4 = 2071-2100. The year indicates the return period. These are the ensemble mean results of an experiment in which LISFLOOD was driven by an ensemble of 12 regional climate simulations for the A1B scenario (for details see Rojas et al., 2012 and 2013). Rojas, R., L. Feyen, P. Watkiss, 2013. Climate Change and River Floods in the European Union: Socio-Economic Consequences and the Costs and Benefits of Adaptation. Global Environmental Change, 23, 1737-1751. Rojas, R., L. Feyen, A. Bianchi, A. Dosio, 2012. Assessment of future flood hazard in Europe using a large ensemble of bias-corrected regional climate simulations. Journal of Geophysical Research, 117(17), D17109.

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