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Urban_Vulnerability/UMZ_inside_UA2012 (MapServer)

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Service Description: The UMZ layer is produced by ETS-ULS. Urban morphological zones (UMZ) are defined by following Urban Atlas 2012 classes considered to contribute to the urban tissue and function:• 11230 Discontinuous Low Density Urban Fabric (S.L. 10% - 30%)• 11240 Discontinuous Very Low Density Urban Fabric (S.L. <10%)• 14100 Green urban areas• 14200 Sports and leisure facilities• 21000 Arable land (annual crops)• 22000 Permanent crops (vineyards, fruit trees, olive groves)• 23000 Pastures• 24000 Complex and mixed cultivation patterns• 25000 Orchards• 31000 Forest• 32000 Herbaceous vegetation associations (natural grassland, moors…)• 33000 Open spaces with little or no vegetation--------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------The resulting UMZ layer is clipped by the core city boundary (based on Urban AUDIT 2014 reference -EUROSTAT)-->because the UA2016 delivery is not completed the resulting layer represents only 564 core cities .Urban Atlas data and information: Audit data and information:

Map Name: Urban morphological zone (UMZ) inside UrbanAtlas (UA2012)


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