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Layer: Summer Precipitation Change 2021-2050 (ID: 1)

Name: Summer Precipitation Change 2021-2050

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Type: Raster Layer

Geometry Type: null

Description: Projected changes in summer precipitation in percentages under A1B scenario, multi-model ensemble mean for the time periods 2021-2050 relative to 1961-1990 mean. Map presents changes using ensemble mean of several regional climate models (RCMs), run by different climate modelling communities in the frame of the EU FP6 Integrated Project ENSEMBLES (Contract number 505539). Data are presented as changes in relative terms (according to 1961-1990 period) in spatial resolution of approximately 25 km.

Copyright Text: Terms and conditions of use ENSEMBLES data held in the main ENSEMBLES data centres are made available over the internet without charge for use in research, education and commercial work. Users of ENSEMBLES data must publish their results based on using these data in open literature without any delay linked to other, e.g. commercial, objectives. Users must submit a copy of their results based on these data to the data centre from which the data were obtained and to the partners who produced the data. No redistribution of ENSEMBLES data for commercial re-use or reselling, however processed or derived, by any party who receives data from any ENSEMBLES participant is allowed. Data must not be supplied as a whole or in part to any third party without the prior authorisation of the data manager of the data centre from which the data was obtained. Users should help improve the quality of the data and its delivery by giving feedback where appropriate. All data use, however small, derived or embedded, must be acknowledged, as in Section 2 below. 2. Acknowledgment Articles, papers, or written scientific works of any form, based in whole or in part on ENSEMBLES data, will include the following acknowledgement: The ENSEMBLES data used in this work was funded by the EU FP6 Integrated Project ENSEMBLES (Contract number 505539) whose support is gratefully acknowledged. Subsequent references can refer to the data in terms such as "ENSEMBLES data", "the ENSEMBLES dataset" or by the data's generic name which is from the "ENSEMBLES data archive". 3. Registration and institutional directives Some types of data require registration before downloading. Registration means you can be kept informed of future updates. Registration details and process will be specified before the point of data access in an appropriate way. This data policy does not replace the data policy of the institute serving the data which always takes precedence, but should be viewed in conjunction with it. ENSEMBLES data and its availability are in accordance with Directive 2003/98/EC* of the European Parliament and of the Council on the re-use of public sector information (the PSI Directive). 4. Data limitations Although every care has been taken in preparing and testing the data, ENSEMBLES cannot guarantee that the data are correct in all circumstances; neither does ENSEMBLES accept any liability whatsoever for any error or omission in the data, its availability, or for any loss or damage arising from its use. * Full text available at:

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