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UAMV/land_use_urban_floodplains (MapServer)

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Map Name: Land use in urban floodplains (based on Copernicus Urban Atlas 2012)


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Layers: Description: The map shows the extent of areas within European cities (cities included in Urban Audit/city statistics) which are located within potential floodplains. The potential floodplain captures the area that could be flooded during a flood event with a return period of one in 100 years, as well as the river area. It was derived by adding two spatial layers: 1) JRC flood hazard map for Europe 100-year return period (JRC, 2016), based on LISFLOOD model results (Burek et al., 2013) and Copernicus Potential Riparian Zone layer from the dataset: Delineation of Riparian Zone. The map also shows the percentage of the areas at flood risk which are classed in the Copernicus Land Monitoring Service Urban Atlas as 'urban fabric' (class 1.1) or 'industrial, commercial, public, military, private and transport units' (class 1.2). This shows the potential extent of exposure of these land uses to river flooding.

Copyright Text: Copernicus Land Monitoring Service Urban Atlas 2012 Dottori, F., Alfieri, L., Salamon, P., Bianchi, A., Feyen, L., Lorini, V. (2016): Flood hazard map for Europe - 100-year return period. European Commission, Joint Research Centre (JRC) [Dataset] PID:

Spatial Reference: 102100  (3857)

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