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UAMV/Adaptation_initiatives (MapServer)

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Service Description:

The data has been collected from various sources and mapped :

- Urban Audit cities with adaptation action plans: data provided by Diana Reckien, University of Twente: Reckien D, Salvia M, Heidrich O, Church JM, Pietrapertosa F, De Gregorio-Hurtado S, ValentinaD'Alonzo V, Foley A, Simoes SG, Krkoška Lorencová E, Orru H, Orru K, Wejs A, Flacke J, Olazabal M, Geneletti D, Feliu E, Vasilie S, Nador C, Krook-Riekkola A, Matosović M, Fokaides PA, Ioannou BI, Flamos A, Spyridaki N-A, Balzan MV, Fülöp O, Paspaldzhiev I, Grafakos S, Dawson R (2018). How are cities planning to respond to climate change? Assessment of local climate plans from 885 cities in the EU-28. Journal of Cleaner Production. DOI:

- Signatories to Covenant of Mayors:

- Cities participating in EU Life Programme: in house EEA analysis based on the information held in Climate-ADAPT, provided by EASME and available through Life programme webpages:

- Cities participating in EU-funded research projects: in-house EEA analysis based on the infomration held in Climate-ADAPT and provided by DG RTD

- Participants in 100 Resilient Cities:

- Participants in C40 Cities:

- Participants in Making Cities Resillient Campaign:

- EGCA/EGLA winners:

Map Name: Adaptation initiatives


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Copyright Text: Reckien et al. (2018); Covenant of Mayors; European Commission; 100 Resilient Cities; C40 Cities; UNISDR

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