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Generate KML (UAMV/Adaptation_initiatives)

    Urban Audit cities with an adaptation action plan (approved by July 2017)(0)
    Signatories to Covenant of Mayors (by July 2018)(1)
    Municipalities and regions participating in adaptation projects within EU Life programme (by September 2018)(2)
    Municipalities participating in EU funded research projects on adaptation (by June 2017)(3)
    Participants in 100 Resilient Cities (by July 2018)(4)
    Participants in C40 Cities (on adaptation; by July 2018)(5)
    Participants of Making Cities Resilient Campaign (UNISDR; July 2018)(6)
    Winners of European Green Capital Award(7)
    Winners of European Green Leaf Award(8)
    Number of adaptation initiatives the municipality participates in(9)
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